It is a tremendous blessing seeing how God continues to work in the children’s ministry of New Harbor through the committed, faithful servants who serve and love the children each week.   

Melanie Robbins, Children's Ministry Pastor

Melanie Robbins, Children's Ministry Pastor

A curriculum review and search committee was formed this year. They decided upon a new curriculum entitled The Gospel Project.   This curriculum helps us to see how all through the Bible each story is telling us more about the ultimate over-arching story of who God is, who we are in relation to Him, and His amazing plan of redemption and restoration in Jesus.  At our fourth annual training in October the CM team was provided with training on this new curriculum, which we then launched the end of November.  Information about The Gospel Project was also shared at our Parent Rally, where we provided parents and their children with lunch, fellowship, and encouragement.

In addition to continuing to provide classes for all ages groups for both services each Sunday, we rejoice at other things God has done through His ministry.  Along with many others from our church family we hosted the Easter Eggstravaganza again this year.  There were around 700 who attended, 400 of them being children.  All who came had the opportunity to hear the Good News and each child was given a book that shared the story as well.  CM and Youth hosted Parents’ Night Out.  About 20 children had a great time here at the church while parents went out for the evening.    We had a fun, themed summer - Spy Kids: Agents of Truth.  Each child had their own agent badge and were on a mission to search for the truth in God’s Word so that they could share it with others.  Children collected different spy/agent gear each week and took home their mission briefcase at the end of the summer.

Partnering together with parents, the primary disciplers of their children, is also an essential part of Children’s Ministry and has been a top priority for us.  We seek to do this through good communication.  This is our third year of providing a quarterly newsletter which contains a couple of articles, important dates and reminders, birthdays etc.   We continue posting on our church website (which will be updated shortly), Facebook page for Children’s Ministry, our Moms’ Group page and the New Harbor Children’s Ministry Instagram account.   A Twitter account was created this year as well.  A quarterly informational brochure is available in the connection center and classrooms and an email is sent out to the parents which contains all the lessons for the quarter.  

One tradition in CM which gives our children the opportunity to tell and show others outside of our church the Love of God is having them assemble a Jesus gift in class during the Christmas season to give to a friend who may not know Him as his/her Savior.   Having Happy Birthday Jesus parties in the classrooms is an additional Christmas tradition we have.  Throughout the year children are encouraged to invite their friends to church.  

In 2017 those serving in children’s ministry will seek to model loving Jesus first and to encourage the children to do the same. We will continue to seek to glorify God in our ministry by doing things with excellence as unto Him. Col. 3:23 “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.” We would love to have others join our team as leaders, teachers, helpers and/or in another area which would enable us to continue what we currently are doing and to expand and provide more for our children and families!