Love Jesus First with your life

Discovering the direction Jesus has for your life can be a difficult journey. Our Church internships can help you navigate this journey while helping you discover what Jesus has for your life. Whether He is leading you into a church ministry or a secular career, church internships give you the training and support to grow personally while being given the opportunity to explore His direction in your life. Take a look at the opportunities available and consider if Jesus is leading you to be a part of one. I know you will be blessed.

Our internships vary in how much they can pay, and we are willing to work with your academic institution to see if credits can be earned during the process.

Pastoral Internship

Our pastoral internships will help you learn, grow, and love Jesus more. Built to train up pastors to leadership in the Church we will help individuals to learn, shepherd, and lead. Some will find their home with us, some will help existing churches, and some will plant new churches. There is a great need for healthy and well-trained pastors in the church. Being a part of our pastoral internship will give you the opportunity to discover if this is the direction He has for you.

These internships have a yearly review, in which your ability to continue is evaluated. The minimum amount of time for this process is 3 years with a maximum of 5 years. Our requirements may vary by type of internship and will be discussed individually.

The church is the sole institution under Heaven that has been ordained for the salvation of souls. It is also the sole institution under Heaven in which the devil takes a particular interest in utterly destroying. Because of this, the leaders in the church need to be the best equipped for the job, taking time to prepare their hearts, minds, and abilities for the journey ahead.
— Kelly Patchin, Lead Pastor

YEARS 1 & 2

Focus: Individual development through self-awareness and establishing disciplines needed for a healthy personal life and lasting ministry life.

You will engage in opportunities that allow you to discover and develop your leadership abilities through advancing “levels of leadership”.

If married, you will be instructed in essential tools for healthy marriage and parenting.

Throughout the process, you will learn to lead yourself, your household, and the church.

Through measurable assessments, we can help you learn how you are personally designed to serve in the church.

At the end of each year, you will be assessed on whether or not you should continue down this path. If not, you will be given direction on where you would best be suited based on your finished assessments.


Focus: Development of ministry track based on prior assessments.

Track will be tailored around needed education, ministry pathway, and hands-on ministry required.

Appointed additional responsibilities associated with ministry pathway.

Continued coaching concentrated on your unique calling.

If your leadership calling leads you outside our community, we will help you to create a pathway there.

At the end of this year, you will be assessed on whether or not you should continue down this path. If not, you will be given a clear reason and direction on where you would best be suited based on your completed internship.


Focus: Developing foundations for pastoral ministry.

Implementation of the ministry track developed during year 3.

Developing the foundation for your pastoral ministry inside our community, in another community, or in planting a community. Here you exercise your leadership muscles in developing a community for which Jesus has called you to lead.

Hands-on coaching will guide you, and support infrastructures will be developed for successful leadership in the direction Jesus is calling you.

If needed, financial planning for sustainable community development.

At the end of this year, the clinical practice of ministry and the ability to lead pastorally will be evaluated by a pastor in your field of ministry. If there are any warning signs or roadblocks, a new course will be set based on outcomes of what you have completed.

Focus: Ownership of Pastoring

Pastoring Begins

The training ends and shepherding begins. Here you will be owning all the outcomes, discovering any weaknesses that still need to be managed, and enjoying leadership.

You will begin speaking into a new interns life, helping and giving direction.

Personal joys and challenges of pastoring will be discovered.

Coaching will continue but will be less frequent.

Evaluation will become more personalized.

At the end of this year, any course correction will be worked through together before a decision is made.